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      Ruitian Steel Co.,Ltd. is a large-scaled private owned company specialized in stainless steel strips. Located in Long Gang Industrial Zone of Wenzhou, covering a building area of 200,000 m2,the company was founded in 2002 with a registered capital of 161 million RMB and an assets up to 1.05 billion RMB.


      Ruitian started production in 2004 and was listed among major enterprises of Wenzhou “Five-groups”. In 2009, the company’s output value exceeded 1.8 billion RMB and now it is ranking in the 7th of “Wenzhou Best Manufacturer” and the 17th of “Wenzhou Top 100”.


      Over the past years the company has been listed as Credit AAA Enterprise by such financial institutions as Agricultural Bank of China and Construction Bank of China ,Industry and commerce Credit AAA by the administration for industry and commerce, and Key Unit in Dynamic and Harmonious Enterprise Building and System Innovation Enterprise by Wenzhou Government. In 2006 it passed the certification of ISO9001 and gained the title of Wenzhou Brand-name product .In December 2008 it gained the title of Zhejiang Brand-name Product .In February 2009 it gained the title of Advanced Collective in National lron and Steel Industry awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC .In April 2009 it passed the review of clean production in energy-saving, consumption-reduction and emission-reduction work carried out by a panel consisting of experts at three levels: county ,city and province .In May 2009 it passed the certification of ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001.The company is the biggest private enterprise and a major taxpayer of Cangnan County and also one of  leading enterprises in the national private stainless steel industry.

      The company has a steel strip production line with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons for stainless steel smelting ,continuous casting ,continuous hot rolling ,heat treatment and acid washing .It has its own 35KV double-circuit substation ,five production branches respectively for smelting, continuous casting, continuous rolling ,heat treatment and acid washing ,a quality inspection center ,five standard workshops and  six buildings for office and living .Its main equipment includes four 35t EAFs, two 35t AOD refining converters ,one R6.5M one-unit two –flow bow-type continuous caster, one 750MM bloomer ,one one-vertical two –horizontal medium and heavy plate mill, one one-vertical seven-horizontal finishing mill, one automatic steel strip heat treatment line ,and one automatic steel strip shot blasting acid washing line .All equipment adopts the Siemens automatic control system, thus leading the stainless steel strip production of China.
      The company mainly produces 200 and 300 series of stainless steel strip .Its products are widely applied in such fields as building decoration, kitchen facilities, dishware, sanitary ware,    medical devices, auto and motorcycle parts and household appliances .They have won deep favor of users and widely recognized in the market.